How to Avoid Pollen and Allergens this Spring Season

Spring Mountain Ranch Park Photo shoot

How do you avoid Pollen this season???

  1. Over the counter nasal spray
  2. Antihistamines
  3. Wash your hair at night (those pollen critters stay in your hair!)
  4. Use eye drops!
  5. Avoid the windy weather, I notice my skin gets worse when I’m out and the wind hits my face. (This is what I call, pollen prime time!)

Also note, pollen allergies can trigger allergic reactions!Since I experience eczema flareups I need to consistently maintain my hair and skin (IT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT DURING SPRING SEASON) I’ll have more tips on this in my upcoming posts!

What are some tips that you have for this Spring Season?

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The Chronicles of Eczema (Pt. 2)

Hi guys! I am super stoked to share my results from the dermatologist in my upcoming posts. Here’s some photo updates for now! Please like, comment, and follow my IG! Thank you for the love and support!

Left: Makeup Right: w/o Makeup

Skin seriously changes everything. I used to take advantage of my skin and didn’t take care of it. Once I started to maintain my skin and followed a complete skin care routine, my life has changed tremendously. Believe it or not, impurities to the skin can really effect a person’s overall livelihood and confidence.

Stay tuned for more on this topic!

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Liz Flores

The Chronicles of Eczema

No Make up.

This was taken after a breakout. (see skin product 1)

No Make up.

This was taken months later. (see skin product 2,3,4 – body lotion)

With Makeup.

This was before my bestfriend’s wedding. So of course, this is a glam look! Courtesy of IG : @Junemakeupartistry!

  1. I stopped using Cetaphil FACE & BODY products 2 years ago. My breakouts were bad.
  2. My current daily toner – Clinique clarifying lotion (perfect for super dry skin & eczema)
  3. My current daily face wash – Clinique facial soap extra-mild (soft on the face and A LOT goes a long way!)
  4. My current daily eye cream: PINK POT – Clinique All about eyes rich (for super dry skin) & current face moisturizer: Ceramidin (korean product, slightly expensive, but totally worth it!, also perfect for dryness!)
  5. & Lastly, Aveeno lotion, I’ve used this forever. This is the only product that does not have soybean oil and it works for my dry skin and eczema! I live in Vegas so i’m constantly MOISTURIZING!
  • Let me know your secrets! Comment below 🙂