Building an Empire // Why a Healthy Work Environment?

My boss took us to Echo and Rig at Tivoli Village for a late Administrative Professionals Day lunch this week. This is my fourth year at the firm. The firm started with only me and my boss. I did every task imaginable. I had to meet with clients, answer phones, draft multiple documents, and manage approximately 130 client files (this was our average work load) all on my own. Obviously there was a breaking point and we needed help. So my boss hired the assistants after year 2! I feel so blessed to not have to experience the whole interview process 37748382737 times. We got lucky.

Administrative Professionals Day 2019
Administrative Professionals Day 2018

The reason I am sharing this topic is to show you proof, that patience can reach success. It has taken me three years to help exceed the capacity of the firm. I am now overseeing the firm, focusing more on my tasks as a Paralegal, and fixing the (rare) issues that our team runs into! We are currently in a smaller building and are looking for something bigger and better! I honestly put my sweat, tears, and time at the firm and I can say it was worth the wait. I can actually go on vacation with no worries! Starting at the bottom can take you places. You have to put in work, take constructive criticism, and pick up where you left off whenever failure hits.

My tip for you is, if you’re still on your way to success, keep going and do your best at what you do.

You have no clue what’s ahead of you!

Your success awaits you!

Why is working in a good work environment important? In the past, I’ve experienced multiple occasions of who’s better at what, overhearing gossip about people around the workplace, dealing with people who micromanage, and employers standing over me while waiting for a task to get done. It was not fun. Although, I hated working at some jobs in the past, I still reminded myself, there is something out there for me and it’ll be exactly how I envisioned it!

Today, work at the firm is honestly a breeze. My boss is understanding, patient, a great listener (to be a leader you must learn to listen), and overall a great team player. As a boss, having the foregoing characteristics, is a vital tip to a growing business with employees!

A business will run better with a healthy work environment.

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