Asian BBQ & Noodles

Located at 3400 S Jones Blvd Ste 5C, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and cared less what it looked like since the service was quick and the food was that good? That was me right here. I’m currently on the hunt for more underrated restaurants. L O C A L S! share me some of your hidden gem restaurants! 

Sparrow and Wolf Restaurant Experience

Hey guys! This wasn’t my first time here but this small dish/appetizer was amazing and I have to tell you about it!

The “Ocean Parfait”

What is it? — Sea urchin, kizami wasabi, topped w/ toasted nori, and smoked trout roe.

As said on my IG, eating this was the funnest parfait I’ve ever eaten. Sparrow and Wolf really did the job of creating a small dish with a taste of delicious seafood, amazing flavors, and a perfect crunch. My honey and I really admire their bartenders and servers. To be frank, we judge restaurants by their drinks and service. Sparrow is definitely on our TOP 5 of off the strip restaurants in Las Vegas. I highly recommend stopping in for date nights, parties, and even if you want to grab a quick drink before going out on the town!

Here’s another plate we tried for the first time:

Country Pate En Croute.

(duck liver wrapped in a flaky dough)

served w/ pickled pear, brined mustard seeds, and petite arugula.

Petruchio Cocktail

(Gin, aperol, lemon juice, sugar syrup, orange bitters, and egg whites — Yum!)

FYI — You can definitely name out anything you desire to the bartenders and they are on their A-Game. I love gin, so I threw this drink at them and they delivered.

The location is great as well. It’s off the strip and in the spring mountain area. Go ahead and try this place out!

Please comment below and tell me about your experience or do tell which off the strip restaurants you recommend!

Best Cocktail Bars of Downtown Las Vegas

Two days out of the month, i’m kid free. That means, this mama is going out to play!

Who am I kidding, this rarely happens. My bedtime is 9:00p.m.


This was my first time going to this Arts festival. It was pretty cool! There’s a lot of different art, culture, yummy food trucks, and good music.

This photo was taken @ The Container Park.

Best Mixologists are found at:

  • Velveteen Rabbit
  • Atomic Kitchen
  • Oak & Ivy
  • The Laundry Room **
  • Downtown Cocktail Room **

**Haven’t been yet, but friends have highly recommended these spots.

Share below your favorite cocktail bars in LV or around the country!