How to Avoid Pollen and Allergens this Spring Season

Spring Mountain Ranch Park Photo shoot

How do you avoid Pollen this season???

  1. Over the counter nasal spray
  2. Antihistamines
  3. Wash your hair at night (those pollen critters stay in your hair!)
  4. Use eye drops!
  5. Avoid the windy weather, I notice my skin gets worse when I’m out and the wind hits my face. (This is what I call, pollen prime time!)

Also note, pollen allergies can trigger allergic reactions!Since I experience eczema flareups I need to consistently maintain my hair and skin (IT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT DURING SPRING SEASON) I’ll have more tips on this in my upcoming posts!

What are some tips that you have for this Spring Season?

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The Kelly Cardenas Experience

When I arrived, I was beautifully greeted by the front desk. I met with Tina the Stylist and she lead me to another room to put on a robe. She sat me down and discussed preferences to make sure I received the perfect salon experience. Tina moved me into their wash room that had relaxing music, dimmed lights, and aromatic smells. She washed my hair, massaged my neck, shoulders, and scalp (it was amazing). At last, she transferred me to the styling chair. She blow dried and curled my hair. Even though, it was a simple look I was going for, she absolutely nailed the experience for me. She was personable, sweet, and very accommodating. If you are looking for a relaxing time, I would definitely recommend this salon! It’s not in the heart of the strip, which I also like! (who likes driving around touristy areas anyway?) Thank you again Kelly Cardenas for the opportunity and for the wonderful experience!