The Chronicles of Eczema

No Make up.

This was taken after a breakout. (see skin product 1)

No Make up.

This was taken months later. (see skin product 2,3,4 – body lotion)

With Makeup.

This was before my bestfriend’s wedding. So of course, this is a glam look! Courtesy of IG : @Junemakeupartistry!

  1. I stopped using Cetaphil FACE & BODY products 2 years ago. My breakouts were bad.
  2. My current daily toner – Clinique clarifying lotion (perfect for super dry skin & eczema)
  3. My current daily face wash – Clinique facial soap extra-mild (soft on the face and A LOT goes a long way!)
  4. My current daily eye cream: PINK POT – Clinique All about eyes rich (for super dry skin) & current face moisturizer: Ceramidin (korean product, slightly expensive, but totally worth it!, also perfect for dryness!)
  5. & Lastly, Aveeno lotion, I’ve used this forever. This is the only product that does not have soybean oil and it works for my dry skin and eczema! I live in Vegas so i’m constantly MOISTURIZING!
  • Let me know your secrets! Comment below 🙂

Go ahead…Have that cheat meal.

From Monday to Friday, I stick to my meal prep (e.g. Breakfast –smoothie/cereal, Lunch–chicken breast, rice, and veggies, Dinner– any protein/smoothie.) I also snack ALL DAY (fruits, popcorn, smoothie, etc.) I seriously think i’m crazy sometimes because I hate being hungry. I really try my best to stick to this routine.

BUT, we’re all human.

My office is surrounded by candy and donuts ALL THE TIME. I used to beat myself up about snacking on the less nutritious snacks. But I’ve learned to accept that it’s unhealthy to live that way. So… I just have the dang candy or donut and burn off the calories the following day.

Once the weekend comes, I go for my cravings! My honey and I always look forward to getting in the kitchen and cooking up a homemade, good for the soul, comforting meal. Or we love trying new local restaurants whenever we have a babysitter.

I believe once you consistently make healthier food choices, you really begin to appreciate the cheat meals you used to always indulge in. Plus, your cravings will taste extremely better.

Do you think it’s okay to have a few cheat meals/snacks during the week? Let me know your thoughts below!

Here are some of my healthy and cheat meals I enjoy!
PS, some foods are homemade and from a restaurant. Guess which ones I made!

Discovering Food Allergens.

About a year and a half ago, I got so tired of my eczema breakouts, and got an allergy test. I seriously have been itching uncontrollably for 24 years of my life! I was so skeptical about going to the dermatologist because, at the time, I had terrible health insurance. Plus I heard it time after time, that I could only treat my reactions with prescribed hydrocortisone. Well, that’s besides the point (More to come on that topic –I will finally meet with a professional). I had a blood test done and I found out all my allergens (food & environmental). I was mostly devastated but relieved in a sense since I knew what was causing all these bad reactions to my body. I immediately cut out all the food that I’m allergic to (see my results below).

Cool right?!

Two weeks went by, and my skin started to clear up (note, skin products are a HUGE FACTOR if you’re trying to clear up your skin). I also began shedding some unwanted weight that I couldn’t get rid of! As mentioned, I began my fitness journey 4 years ago and it took me some time to feel and look OKAY. Once I cut out my food allergens I began shedding and my muscles were toning out. It was seriously a win win.

Update, I currently struggle with food cravings. I am not totally disciplined as I was when I first found out about my food allergens. I have my moments where I crave chocolate (Allergen – Dairy), bread (Allergen – Wheat), asian food ( Allergen – SOY and SESAME…I mean… come on…), plus more.

I encourage you today, whether you’re battling any type of skin problem or weight issue, I would try the elimination diet. This diet is a test to your body and mind. The way it works is, you remove foods from your day to day eating routine that reacts negatively to your body. You typically will notice a response within 5-6 weeks. After those weeks with no symptoms, you would re-introduce the foods (one by one) to see how your body would react. You will figure out what’s tolerable for your body at that point. Plus, this diet can help with weight loss, metabolism control, bloating, and nausea (more the merrier).

OR you can do what I did, get a blood test and figure it out after a few days. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and feel free to tell me your experience. I would love to hear about it!

Effective ways to discipline kids while staying…calm.

I remember not having it figured out when my daughter was 2 years old. I was afraid and knew that was a toddler’s crucial development stage. My daughter was observing and copying EVERY. LITTLE. THING. I. DID. Thankfully, with all the support, prayers, and self motivation, I was able to respond to my daughter with love in good and bad times.  Here are some disciplining tricks that I feel have helped me immensely as a parent:

  1. If your child acts out in public, give them THE LOOK (you know what I’m talking about) and tell them “we’re going to have a talk when we get home”. If your child persists, bring them outside and talk to them as you would at home (a slight slap on the hand may help). If you cannot leave, wherever you are, and your child is uncontrollable, bring them to your car/a quiet place, wait for them to calm down, and return to your engagement. 
  2. IPADS/TV/PCS/ETC. should be banned during the week. I tell my daughter that she needs to do good in school in order for her to watch her iPad. She looks forward to Fridays for that reason. 
  3. TIME OUT & SPANK. This strategy should be enforced beginning at 2 years old. Note, do not yell. It does nothing. But tell them you love them after. You’ll thank me in the long run ❤️. 
  4. This fourth tip references #3. I learned yelling will just waste your breathe. Yelling will make them want to do the opposite. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Leave a reply below, and let me know what you think, and share some of your discipling tricks! 

I’ve also learned, as a parent, you are always learning. So let’s feed each other with some parenting knowledge! 🙌

Being a parent is realizing you’re fighting with a mini version of you.

Career Searching

After I graduated high school in 2010, I planned on majoring in nursing. After a year of general studies, I didn’t have much confidence in myself and thought I didn’t have the brains to become a nurse. Plus I couldn’t stand the liability and touching bodily fluids 😬. After, my first year of general studies, I was so naive and thought “Oh! I love baking! Let’s see how far going to culinary school can take me!” 🙃 Three months passed, and I dropped out. I couldn’t handle the kitchen 🔥. I realized I couldn’t cook in a group of people in a fast paced learning environment (Note, I enjoyed working with some of my colleagues. It just wasn’t for me . . . I’ll just stick to home cooking and baking 😂). I felt like I was hitting a wall at that point. I was 20 years old and I took a look at College of Southern Nevada’s (CSN) degree list and I was reminded that law was my second career choice. I pursued it, and joined the Paralegal Studies program at CSN. I suddenly dreamt of working for a successful attorney in Las Vegas and possibly managing a law firm. At that moment, I felt like I could do this line of work, with no problem! Then I graduated, Spring 2013. After a few years of legal administrative, assistant, and accounts payable work, I found my dream job! Mind you, I went through multiple hurdles to get where I’m at now. If you ask me about career searching, all I gotta say is, it’s okay to change your mind. Just stay determined, keep seeking, and set a foundation that can lead you to a longterm career.

Fitness Changes Lives.

I was always into “going to the gym” and “dieting” since I was 16 years old. I never really took it serious or I at least thought I knew what the heck I was doing. My weight was up and down before the big change. I remember always saying, “this event is coming up, time to starve myself!” I developed a lot of unhealthy habits during those years. Moving ⏭, I began working out w/ professional help and support in December, 2015. After the first 6-7 months of hard work and dedication, I transitioned to training on my own, which I call my “alone time”😌. (Note, I call it this anytime I am away from mommy duties). It wasn’t easy, but it eventually became a routine for me. Oh yeah, I would also repeatedly say, “help me Jesus”, and gave myself pep talks A LOT during the process 😂. #dowhatyouneedtodotogetthejobdone 
•Don’t feel like you have to have it all figured out on day one. Let your fitness journey run its course and your change will reveal itself.•

My Story

I know my story is one out of 7.7 billion people in the world, and I am hopeful that at least one person can relate and be encouraged through my journey.

My darkest moments occurred through out my late teenage years to my early twenties. I partied, did drugs, hung out with the wrong crowds, I was rebellious, and had no direction in life. After finishing college in 2013, I got pregnant, got married, had my daughter, found the job of my dreams, and got divorced. I’ve been a single mom for the past 4 years, juggling a full-time managing position, maintaining my physique, family time, and developing friendships and a relationship. I am 26 years old now. It’s definitely been a crazy ride and I still experience shifts in my life. After experiencing all the dark moments, you finally understand the WHY. It took a lot in me to go through all those scary moments. But graciously, I was able to breakthrough and experience a dramatic change in my life for the better. I don’t experience fear or have anxiety as I used to. It took A LOT of faith and mind battling. Today I pray that whoever is reading this understands that your breakthrough will happen. Just stay strong and courageous during those shifts in your life.