Sparrow and Wolf Restaurant Experience

Hey guys! This wasn’t my first time here but this small dish/appetizer was amazing and I have to tell you about it!

The “Ocean Parfait”

What is it? — Sea urchin, kizami wasabi, topped w/ toasted nori, and smoked trout roe.

As said on my IG, eating this was the funnest parfait I’ve ever eaten. Sparrow and Wolf really did the job of creating a small dish with a taste of delicious seafood, amazing flavors, and a perfect crunch. My honey and I really admire their bartenders and servers. To be frank, we judge restaurants by their drinks and service. Sparrow is definitely on our TOP 5 of off the strip restaurants in Las Vegas. I highly recommend stopping in for date nights, parties, and even if you want to grab a quick drink before going out on the town!

Here’s another plate we tried for the first time:

Country Pate En Croute.

(duck liver wrapped in a flaky dough)

served w/ pickled pear, brined mustard seeds, and petite arugula.

Petruchio Cocktail

(Gin, aperol, lemon juice, sugar syrup, orange bitters, and egg whites — Yum!)

FYI — You can definitely name out anything you desire to the bartenders and they are on their A-Game. I love gin, so I threw this drink at them and they delivered.

The location is great as well. It’s off the strip and in the spring mountain area. Go ahead and try this place out!

Please comment below and tell me about your experience or do tell which off the strip restaurants you recommend!

5 Tips on How to Enjoy Springtime and its Beautiful Weather

Photo by: Sandra Estrada Photography

Per, The Spring Equinox falls today, March 20, 2019!

Now, what comes next?

How should you enjoy Springtime and its beautiful weather? Here are 5 tips:

  1. Spring cleaning! Open those windows, grab some lysol, and Marie Kondo your home (watch this on netflix, you will thank you me later)!
  2. Go to a Church service on Easter Sunday! There’s usually fun activities that day for churches everywhere!
  3. Take some spring family portraits! Reach out to my beautiful friend for your spring shoot!
  4. Hangout and go shopping at a fun outdoor mall!
  5. Decorate the exterior of your home while enjoying your favorite cocktail or lemonade!

Side note, living in Las Vegas, NV. “Spring Weather” typically lasts for about a month. Then you begin to melt afterwards. Ha!

Please Like & Share your Spring Tips!!!

Healthy Blender Banana Flourless Dairy-Free Muffins

Say what???

Yes, I SAID IT, flour-less and dairy-free. (For all you people who are allergic out there like me)

I SNACK A LOT. Whether i’m at work or not, you can catch me snacking. HA! Lately, besides eating my mealprep, I’ve been snacking on granola bars, popcorn, and fruit at work. I suddenly thought, I need to eat a little healthier. Plus, I was getting a little bored with my routine. I did some research and found this lovely blog!

I attempted Kristine’s Banana Flourless Muffins and they turned out so well! Here’s the recipe!

Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe Kristine!

Photo by: L I Z F L O R E S

This recipe was so easy and you only need a few ingredients, which I LOVE. These are also perfect for little ones to take to school! Double win!

Share some healthy snack recipes below!


Sometimes I spend my weekends at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway supporting my favorite guy, @diymike and his crew #locomotives. Catch us at Test-N-Tune and Import Face Off this weekend!!!

It may not look like it, but this car is almost to it’s 10 second goal… LOL

Here’s the inspiriation behind this hideous PINK Honda del sol build!

(Click the link at the top left of this video to watch locomotives race the widow + more!)

Best Cocktail Bars of Downtown Las Vegas

Two days out of the month, i’m kid free. That means, this mama is going out to play!

Who am I kidding, this rarely happens. My bedtime is 9:00p.m.


This was my first time going to this Arts festival. It was pretty cool! There’s a lot of different art, culture, yummy food trucks, and good music.

This photo was taken @ The Container Park.

Best Mixologists are found at:

  • Velveteen Rabbit
  • Atomic Kitchen
  • Oak & Ivy
  • The Laundry Room **
  • Downtown Cocktail Room **

**Haven’t been yet, but friends have highly recommended these spots.

Share below your favorite cocktail bars in LV or around the country!

How do you Calendar?

I’ve been asked many times, how do you stay on schedule? Well, it’s not always easy starting out. In college it was hard for me to plan ahead. As time progressed, I experienced trial and error. I remember when I first became a single parent, I had to get used to getting up early, getting my toddler ready for pre-k, making sure lunches were made, getting to work on time, making my appointments, and so on. It wasn’t easy. I eventually got ORGANIZED. I began using my PHONE CALENDAR for E V E R Y T H IN G.

As you can see… Hair appointments are super important…

Image result for laughing emoji

I use my default phone calendar for the following:

  • Appointments
  • Payments (utilities, rent, car, ins., etc.)
  • My daughter’s school functions
  • Parties
  • Events
  • Date nights
  • Birthdays
  • Celebrations

I am more of a quick, hand carry, and go type of person so my phone calendar is perfect for ME. If you have the same calendar load as me and memorize all your appointments etc., I want to know who you are!

Some Gals I know even use Erin Condren planners! They are super cute!

Long Story Short, do what you have to do to get organized in your life so that you can  reach lifetime structure!

Share some of your secrets below!