Asian BBQ & Noodles

Located at 3400 S Jones Blvd Ste 5C, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and cared less what it looked like since the service was quick and the food was that good? That was me right here. I’m currently on the hunt for more underrated restaurants. L O C A L S! share me some of your hidden gem restaurants! 

Building an Empire // Why a Healthy Work Environment?

My boss took us to Echo and Rig at Tivoli Village for a late Administrative Professionals Day lunch this week. This is my fourth year at the firm. The firm started with only me and my boss. I did every task imaginable. I had to meet with clients, answer phones, draft multiple documents, and manage approximately 130 client files (this was our average work load) all on my own. Obviously there was a breaking point and we needed help. So my boss hired the assistants after year 2! I feel so blessed to not have to experience the whole interview process 37748382737 times. We got lucky.

Administrative Professionals Day 2019
Administrative Professionals Day 2018

The reason I am sharing this topic is to show you proof, that patience can reach success. It has taken me three years to help exceed the capacity of the firm. I am now overseeing the firm, focusing more on my tasks as a Paralegal, and fixing the (rare) issues that our team runs into! We are currently in a smaller building and are looking for something bigger and better! I honestly put my sweat, tears, and time at the firm and I can say it was worth the wait. I can actually go on vacation with no worries! Starting at the bottom can take you places. You have to put in work, take constructive criticism, and pick up where you left off whenever failure hits.

My tip for you is, if you’re still on your way to success, keep going and do your best at what you do.

You have no clue what’s ahead of you!

Your success awaits you!

Why is working in a good work environment important? In the past, I’ve experienced multiple occasions of who’s better at what, overhearing gossip about people around the workplace, dealing with people who micromanage, and employers standing over me while waiting for a task to get done. It was not fun. Although, I hated working at some jobs in the past, I still reminded myself, there is something out there for me and it’ll be exactly how I envisioned it!

Today, work at the firm is honestly a breeze. My boss is understanding, patient, a great listener (to be a leader you must learn to listen), and overall a great team player. As a boss, having the foregoing characteristics, is a vital tip to a growing business with employees!

A business will run better with a healthy work environment.

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How to Avoid Pollen and Allergens this Spring Season

Spring Mountain Ranch Park Photo shoot

How do you avoid Pollen this season???

  1. Over the counter nasal spray
  2. Antihistamines
  3. Wash your hair at night (those pollen critters stay in your hair!)
  4. Use eye drops!
  5. Avoid the windy weather, I notice my skin gets worse when I’m out and the wind hits my face. (This is what I call, pollen prime time!)

Also note, pollen allergies can trigger allergic reactions!Since I experience eczema flareups I need to consistently maintain my hair and skin (IT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT DURING SPRING SEASON) I’ll have more tips on this in my upcoming posts!

What are some tips that you have for this Spring Season?

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The Chronicles of Eczema (Pt. 2)

Hi guys! I am super stoked to share my results from the dermatologist in my upcoming posts. Here’s some photo updates for now! Please like, comment, and follow my IG! Thank you for the love and support!

Left: Makeup Right: w/o Makeup

Skin seriously changes everything. I used to take advantage of my skin and didn’t take care of it. Once I started to maintain my skin and followed a complete skin care routine, my life has changed tremendously. Believe it or not, impurities to the skin can really effect a person’s overall livelihood and confidence.

Stay tuned for more on this topic!

Yours Truly,

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Liz Flores

Bread Pudding Recipe


  • 8 Hawaiian mini rolls (You can also use slices of white day old bread) I use sweet bread since I feel like it gives it more of that savory taste!
  • 3 tablespoons of butter (melted)
  • 4 eggs (beaten)*
  • 2 cups of regular milk*
  • 3/4 cup of white sugar (you can use powder sugar or brown too)*
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder*
  • 1 or 2 teaspoons of pumpkin powder*
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract*
  • (You can also be traditional and add raisins! If it’s not your niche, don’t add them) *


  • Cool whip! / you can make a fresh whipped cream!


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
  2. Grab a 11 x 17 pan (I use a glass dish), break the bread into small pieces.
  3. Drizzle melted butter over the bread (This is the fun part!)
  4. *Egg mixture: In a medium bowl, whisk the rest of the ingredients!
  5. Next, pour the mixture evenly over the bread, and pushed down the bread with a fork until the bread if covered.
  6. Finally, bake for 45 minutes (Your pudding should turn out gold and fluffy!)
  7. Voilà! Enjoy!

Let me know how your recipe turns out!

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The Kelly Cardenas Experience

When I arrived, I was beautifully greeted by the front desk. I met with Tina the Stylist and she lead me to another room to put on a robe. She sat me down and discussed preferences to make sure I received the perfect salon experience. Tina moved me into their wash room that had relaxing music, dimmed lights, and aromatic smells. She washed my hair, massaged my neck, shoulders, and scalp (it was amazing). At last, she transferred me to the styling chair. She blow dried and curled my hair. Even though, it was a simple look I was going for, she absolutely nailed the experience for me. She was personable, sweet, and very accommodating. If you are looking for a relaxing time, I would definitely recommend this salon! It’s not in the heart of the strip, which I also like! (who likes driving around touristy areas anyway?) Thank you again Kelly Cardenas for the opportunity and for the wonderful experience!

When Life Happens

Does life ever just happen to you? A customer yelled at you, your food order goes wrong, you dropped your Iphone XS, you heard bad news about a family member/friend, you got in trouble at work, you fought with your spouse, or anything that pauses life for you?

As mentioned, i’m a nonstop human being. I am constantly working to provide, cooking, cleaning, and even trying to keep up with maintaining my health. I am also trying to keep up with social life and blogging. Some days don’t go as planned. I’ve blogged about planning before, and don’t get me wrong, there’s interruptions that come with it.

My daughter got sick recently and my life completely paused. I took off work, went to the urgent care for her fever and cough (a bug is going around), and cleaned. Did I fuss about it? Not really. I knew as a hard worker, I needed this break and much needed time with my little girl.

When mishap takes place, count your blessings.

Life will get better. Trust me.

Sparrow and Wolf Restaurant Experience

Hey guys! This wasn’t my first time here but this small dish/appetizer was amazing and I have to tell you about it!

The “Ocean Parfait”

What is it? — Sea urchin, kizami wasabi, topped w/ toasted nori, and smoked trout roe.

As said on my IG, eating this was the funnest parfait I’ve ever eaten. Sparrow and Wolf really did the job of creating a small dish with a taste of delicious seafood, amazing flavors, and a perfect crunch. My honey and I really admire their bartenders and servers. To be frank, we judge restaurants by their drinks and service. Sparrow is definitely on our TOP 5 of off the strip restaurants in Las Vegas. I highly recommend stopping in for date nights, parties, and even if you want to grab a quick drink before going out on the town!

Here’s another plate we tried for the first time:

Country Pate En Croute.

(duck liver wrapped in a flaky dough)

served w/ pickled pear, brined mustard seeds, and petite arugula.

Petruchio Cocktail

(Gin, aperol, lemon juice, sugar syrup, orange bitters, and egg whites — Yum!)

FYI — You can definitely name out anything you desire to the bartenders and they are on their A-Game. I love gin, so I threw this drink at them and they delivered.

The location is great as well. It’s off the strip and in the spring mountain area. Go ahead and try this place out!

Please comment below and tell me about your experience or do tell which off the strip restaurants you recommend!

5 Tips on How to Enjoy Springtime and its Beautiful Weather

Photo by: Sandra Estrada Photography

Per, The Spring Equinox falls today, March 20, 2019!

Now, what comes next?

How should you enjoy Springtime and its beautiful weather? Here are 5 tips:

  1. Spring cleaning! Open those windows, grab some lysol, and Marie Kondo your home (watch this on netflix, you will thank you me later)!
  2. Go to a Church service on Easter Sunday! There’s usually fun activities that day for churches everywhere!
  3. Take some spring family portraits! Reach out to my beautiful friend for your spring shoot!
  4. Hangout and go shopping at a fun outdoor mall!
  5. Decorate the exterior of your home while enjoying your favorite cocktail or lemonade!

Side note, living in Las Vegas, NV. “Spring Weather” typically lasts for about a month. Then you begin to melt afterwards. Ha!

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Healthy Blender Banana Flourless Dairy-Free Muffins

Say what???

Yes, I SAID IT, flour-less and dairy-free. (For all you people who are allergic out there like me)

I SNACK A LOT. Whether i’m at work or not, you can catch me snacking. HA! Lately, besides eating my mealprep, I’ve been snacking on granola bars, popcorn, and fruit at work. I suddenly thought, I need to eat a little healthier. Plus, I was getting a little bored with my routine. I did some research and found this lovely blog!

I attempted Kristine’s Banana Flourless Muffins and they turned out so well! Here’s the recipe!

Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe Kristine!

Photo by: L I Z F L O R E S

This recipe was so easy and you only need a few ingredients, which I LOVE. These are also perfect for little ones to take to school! Double win!

Share some healthy snack recipes below!