Bún bò Huế

This is Bún Bò Hue. I was introduced to this Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup & O M G. The flavors just burst! It’s not for a lot of people, hence the pork blood . Although, It is a beef and lemongrass based broth. Mixed in with different chili spices. It usually comes with meatballs, slices of beef, tendon, sausage, and vermicelli. 

Bún bò Huế is my favorite hot noodle dish. Some other faves of mine would be the following:

Most of the time, I have noodles sitting in the fridge, and crave a quick dish. If I have the right noodle (egg is my favorite) i’ll quickly pan fry the following:

  • Egg noodles (3/4 cup) – You’ll need to boil before putting it on the pan
  • Sesame oil (teaspoon)
  • Oyster sauce (teaspoon)
  • Huey Fong Chili Garlic Sauce (half/teaspoon)
  • Bagoong “shrimp paste” (just a hint, this stuff is strong & stinky ha!)
  • + You can eat this noodle dish with a soft boiled egg or any left over meat! Yummm!

Try it! Let me know what you think!

Tell me some of your favorite noodle dishes!

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