How do you maintain your summer body while on vacation?

Hi guys! First off, where are some of your favorite places to visit during the Summer? One of mine has to be San Diego, CA! This photo was taken at Coronado Beach for mine and my honey’s two year anniversary.

While on vacation, we stayed at a beautiful hotel called Loews! It was five minutes away from Coronado Beach, next to bay waters, with luxury hospitality. This hotel was overall gorgeous and we had one of the most comfiest hotel beds that I’ve ever slept in!

Now here’s the real question!

How do you maintain your summer body while on Vacation? In my opinion, go ahead and eat whatever you want but portion control, get your morning workouts in, and drink lotsss of water! We stayed in San Diego for four days and went to the gym twice. We got home and felt fine! I’m not saying you won’t feel bloated or you won’t gain a little weight if you follow these tips (it really depends on what you eat on your trip). Since your body was out of routine during vacation you’ll definitely need to get back on track.

We love going on vacation when we can and LOVE E A T I N G. Vacation or not, as I said before, go ahead and have that cheat meal!

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