Interruption of Happiness

My daughter and I had dinner at my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving, 2017. I fell asleep on her couch, woke up around 10:00 p.m., and got in my car with my daughter. As we were on our way home, on the highway, I suddenly seen a person crossing the road. Mind you, I was going the speed limit (65mph). My instinct was to slightly merge left into the fast lane, I glanced into my left mirror, seen a car speed through, quickly got back into my lane, and the front of my car crashed into the man crossing the highway. The man landed on my windshield and onto the road. I slowly got off the road and onto the shoulder of the highway.  At that moment, I was crying, hyperventilating, and shaking. I contacted 911 and was trying to stay calm for my daughter. She said, “Mommy, the man hit the car”.  Highway patrol and an ambulance came to the scene. I remember the cop telling me, “the man is alive”. I was relieved but still shaken up. He also handed me a phone number for counseling. My father drove me home that night and I tossed and turned that night and everyday for a whole week. 

This was the estimate of the damages to my car.
I deleted all the car photos since it gave me flashbacks.

Let me tell you, I was shaken from this incident. It could’ve been worst, had I merged into the left lane, it could’ve been fatal. Thankfully, by the grace of God, me and my daughter were protected, we walked away from the incident safe and sound, and the man was alive.  

I am sharing this experience to show proof that joy can be expressed through a bad experience and that happiness can be interrupted. But you are the one who controls the interruption. You may be going through a tough or an unusual situation, but have faith, do better, and tackle those negative thoughts with uplifting words of wisdom. Whether it’s from simply calling a family member or adviser, reading the bible, listening to music, podcasts, watching videos of positive speaking, etc. At some point, you will grow from your situation, and be able to share your experience too.

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