The Chronicles of Eczema

No Make up.

This was taken after a breakout. (see skin product 1)

No Make up.

This was taken months later. (see skin product 2,3,4 – body lotion)

With Makeup.

This was before my bestfriend’s wedding. So of course, this is a glam look! Courtesy of IG : @Junemakeupartistry!

  1. I stopped using Cetaphil FACE & BODY products 2 years ago. My breakouts were bad.
  2. My current daily toner – Clinique clarifying lotion (perfect for super dry skin & eczema)
  3. My current daily face wash – Clinique facial soap extra-mild (soft on the face and A LOT goes a long way!)
  4. My current daily eye cream: PINK POT – Clinique All about eyes rich (for super dry skin) & current face moisturizer: Ceramidin (korean product, slightly expensive, but totally worth it!, also perfect for dryness!)
  5. & Lastly, Aveeno lotion, I’ve used this forever. This is the only product that does not have soybean oil and it works for my dry skin and eczema! I live in Vegas so i’m constantly MOISTURIZING!
  • Let me know your secrets! Comment below 🙂

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