Go ahead…Have that cheat meal.

From Monday to Friday, I stick to my meal prep (e.g. Breakfast –smoothie/cereal, Lunch–chicken breast, rice, and veggies, Dinner– any protein/smoothie.) I also snack ALL DAY (fruits, popcorn, smoothie, etc.) I seriously think i’m crazy sometimes because I hate being hungry. I really try my best to stick to this routine.

BUT, we’re all human.

My office is surrounded by candy and donuts ALL THE TIME. I used to beat myself up about snacking on the less nutritious snacks. But I’ve learned to accept that it’s unhealthy to live that way. So… I just have the dang candy or donut and burn off the calories the following day.

Once the weekend comes, I go for my cravings! My honey and I always look forward to getting in the kitchen and cooking up a homemade, good for the soul, comforting meal. Or we love trying new local restaurants whenever we have a babysitter.

I believe once you consistently make healthier food choices, you really begin to appreciate the cheat meals you used to always indulge in. Plus, your cravings will taste extremely better.

Do you think it’s okay to have a few cheat meals/snacks during the week? Let me know your thoughts below!

Here are some of my healthy and cheat meals I enjoy!
PS, some foods are homemade and from a restaurant. Guess which ones I made!


  1. That’s good you don’t deprive yourself! Life is precious and live it well….remember anything excessive is a NO NO! Luv you bunso 🙂


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