Career Searching

After I graduated high school in 2010, I planned on majoring in nursing. After a year of general studies, I didn’t have much confidence in myself and thought I didn’t have the brains to become a nurse. Plus I couldn’t stand the liability and touching bodily fluids 😬. After, my first year of general studies, I was so naive and thought “Oh! I love baking! Let’s see how far going to culinary school can take me!” 🙃 Three months passed, and I dropped out. I couldn’t handle the kitchen 🔥. I realized I couldn’t cook in a group of people in a fast paced learning environment (Note, I enjoyed working with some of my colleagues. It just wasn’t for me . . . I’ll just stick to home cooking and baking 😂). I felt like I was hitting a wall at that point. I was 20 years old and I took a look at College of Southern Nevada’s (CSN) degree list and I was reminded that law was my second career choice. I pursued it, and joined the Paralegal Studies program at CSN. I suddenly dreamt of working for a successful attorney in Las Vegas and possibly managing a law firm. At that moment, I felt like I could do this line of work, with no problem! Then I graduated, Spring 2013. After a few years of legal administrative, assistant, and accounts payable work, I found my dream job! Mind you, I went through multiple hurdles to get where I’m at now. If you ask me about career searching, all I gotta say is, it’s okay to change your mind. Just stay determined, keep seeking, and set a foundation that can lead you to a longterm career.

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